The liver performs one of the most important functions – destruction of toxic elements and dangerous for the organism connections from the bloodstream and their withdrawal from the organism.

Due to the fact that the liver is continuously exposed to toxins, its performance deteriorates over time. As a result, you feel constant fatigue and weakness. In order to feel fresh and full of strength arrange, “give your liver a rest”!

At least once a year to conduct special unloading follow a diet combining it with aloe vera juice for the activation of metabolic processes in the cells of the liver. Such a ration will be useful for the whole body, and at the same time it will have a wonderful impact on your appearance and well-being.

Aloe vera for liver

Aloe vera juice for our liver is:
• an incredible remedy for disorders of the liver. You can also drink it to prevent liver cirrhosis;
• Its strong choleretic effect gives a chance for cleaning up the gall bladder and bile ducts of the liver;
• aloe vera is known for its antibacterial and antifungal functions which allow you to neutralize the toxic contaminated by bacteria;
• phosphatase enzyme are necessary for the regulation of the functions of the liver;
• dissolves stones in the gall bladder (Urata lime), which are formed as a result of mixing toxic bile with cow’s milk.
So we need use aloe vera juice for liver, which is a fantastic remedy for disorders of the liver. This medicinal liquid has a choleretic effect and cleansing properties. Aloe vera juice includes lots of enzymes, simple sugars and polysaccharides. It is proved that different components of this liquid help in disorders of digestive system, as well as reduce the levels of cholesterol.

Product for your healthy liver
The main products for this diet are fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Each meal should include, at least, one fresh fruit or vegetable. Make sure that in your diet there are plenty of sources of fiber, which helps to clean the organism.

Nuts, beans and fish with low mercury content are also suitable for this diet. Meat and poultry are not prohibited, but these products do not need to be cooked at high heat, because in the process of frying they release hazardous chemical elements. As for drinks during the whole period of the diet you need to drink at least four- five cups of hot green tea a day.

In addition, for the purification of organism doctors often recommend a natural drink, which you can cook by yourself at home, You need 1 beet or 1/3 cup of beet juice, 1 lemon, 1 peeled cucumber,1 apple, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Skip all the ingredients through a juicer. After that, add the olive oil.

Thoroughly shake it up and drink immediately after cooking – during the contact with the oxygen this cocktail quickly loses its useful qualities. Only one glass of this beverage a day accelerate the process of withdrawal of harmful and toxic substances in the liver and pancreas, and will make your skin and hair glow of health.

After the purification of the body you will feel like being newly born. Low-calorie nature of the diet for cleansing the liver and aloe vera juice will help you get rid of unwanted excess weight and other health problems.